Congratulations to 37 Spanish students from St. Paul Catholic High School who attained national recognition for excellent performance on the 2019 National Spanish Examinations.



Gillian Smith
Ana Maria Cawley
1. Brendan Foley
2. Daniel Kozmon (missing)
3. Bella Peterson
4. Abigail Wroblewski
5. Nicole Kempes
6. Gabriel Duncan
7. Sophia Gertz
8. Andrew Cawley
1. Samantha Millerick
2. Adriana Valera Marin
3. Leslie Gutierrez
4. Grace Perigini
5. Thomas Pauloz
6. Emma Schatz
1. Tandung Dinh
2. Crichton Granados
3. William Kelly
4. Madeline Kurnik
5. Jovanna Lefleur
6. Adriana Raymond
7. Danielle Regan
8. Romi Bagdasarian
9. Alexis Carabetta
10. Jenna Fulvi
11. Madeline Hooks
12. Cassandra Polumbo
13. Jonathan Passander
14. Olivia Hergott
15. Sarah Lindquist
16. Abigail Macallister
17. Devin Meurer
18. Rodney Chaparro
19. Jordan Rinaldi
20. Krista Christmas
21. Katherine Darragjati


Québec & Montréal: Winter Wonderland – 2018 Trip

This year we teamed up with Northwest Catholic High School for five days and four nights Winter Wonderland Adventure to Quebec and Montreal.  Thirteen of our French students participated in the educational travel along with our French teacher Ms. Boucher and World Language Department Chair, Mrs. Jalbert as chaperones.

Take a look at our adventure!!!

February 16, 2018 – February 20, 2018

Day 1: February 16, 2018

DAY 1 – Bienvenue de la belle province du Quebec! The first day we had a chilly evening on our walk to dinner. We enjoyed some soup, crepes and ice cream before heading to the Dufferin Terrace. On the Terrace the group was able to enjoy a classic winter activity and use the Glissades. The slides! Walking up to the top with a toboggan, everyone came screaming down the snow made slides! Such a rush and a beautiful way to see the city at night. After getting cozy at our hotel, Four Points Sheraton, the group enjoyed some down time to hang out!

Day 2: February 17, 2018

DAY 2- We explored Old Quebec. We started our journey by filling our bellies at Cotes a Cotes in Lower Town, or Basse-Ville. From there we wandered along the cobblestone road to the location of the original settlement and habitation of Quebec, placed directly in front of Notre Dame des Victoires. From here, we made the climb to Upper Town and enjoyed some free time to see the street of old Quebec and find some fun souvenirs to bring back home. After lunch, we made our way to Hotel de glacé (Ice Hotel) and had a lovely tour of the creation. We then made our way next door to Valcartier village where we went tubing! Many of the students did the tube drop of the Everest run one of the favorite activities.  By the time we made it to dinner at the Sugar Shack for our authentic Quebec experience, the yawning began!  That did not stop our crew from getting up and dancing, playing the spoons, and rocking out to some tunes! It was a great cultural experience for the students to enjoy listening to French Folklore music and traditional dances.

Day 3: February 18, 2018

DAY 3! – Beaupré Coast Today began with lots of toast smothered in EVEN MORE maple butter.  We enjoyed a lovely meal at Chez Marie then made our way to Mont St Anne ski lodge where we had 5 blissful hours of skiing and snowboarding. What troopers!  After skiing, we went to the breathtaking St. Anne Basilica where we attended mass en francais (in French). Then on to dinner to fill up on bread, salad, pasta, and maple cake. From dinner, we eased into a quiet night at the hotel after our day in the snow.

Day 4: February 19, 2018

DAY 4. From breakfast at Cora’s we made our way to DOG SLEDDING, snowshoeing and tubing.  We also met some husky puppies! After our adventurous morning, we took our show on the road and headed for Montreal. With a quick stop for lunch, we made it into the city for some free time to explore Old Montreal, or Vieux-Port and find the last of the souvenirs or get a nice cup of tea. Free time ended as the rain started and we made it inside to dinner at La Cage for an amazing dinner surrounded by TVs showing the 2018 Olympics. Ending with a bang, we made it to our Hotel Espresso where the students enjoyed their last night away from home and many consumed mass amount of espresso, hence the name Espresso!

Day 5: February 20, 2018

DAY 5- LAST BUT NOT LEAST, This morning we made our way to breakfast at Tutti Frutti and filled up for a busy morning. We made our way to Vieux-Port and had a guided tour of the Notre-Dame Basilica with time to take photos of the stunning interior. We then headed over to the Fine Arts museum to soak up some history with Napoleon Exhibition and see some original artifacts! After a little jaunt in the rain, we reached our last stop at the Underground Shopping Mall where we found some lunch, stocked up on snacks for the bus ride, and spent that lovely Canadian travel money! Northwest Catholic and St. Paul had an amazing wonderful time exploring these beautiful French-Canadian cities.  We hope the trip has inspired our students to see more of Canada in the future and continue with more French language immersion opportunities.

November 2017
The Spanish Club is off to a fantastic start. We will be exploring Spanish speaking countries from around the world and learning about their cultures, dialects, indigenous languages, music, food, and much more.  Since September the students have learned about Costa Rica, Mexico and this week our very own Father Hector gave us a tour of his native country of Colombia.  He spoke about the different regions, multi diverse groups, geography, Colombian music, and food.  The students enjoyed traditional desserts and some coffee.  Anyone can join the club.