The St. Paul Integrity Pledgeintegrity

As a member of the St. Paul Catholic High School community, I pledge to be a person of integrity.

I will demonstrate respect for God, myself, others, the learning process, and my school.
I understand that I must treat others including fellow students, faculty, staff, guests and opponents with dignity and respect and I will not abide those who do otherwise.

I will not participate in, nor tolerate, lying, cheating, plagiarizing, stealing, bullying, vandalism, or other dishonorable acts.

I will strive to embody the core values of St. Paul Catholic High School: faith, character, community, excellence, and service.  In all of my activities-academic, athletic, spiritual, and social-whether on this campus or off, whether in person or on social media, I will act in a manner that reflects my love of God, my belief in the teachings of Jesus Christ, and my being gloriously made in the image of God.