Performing Arts

Jennifer Rose – current St. Paul parent of 4

“We are so blessed to have a director of such high caliber and experience as Mr. Mazzarella. No production at St Paul is your average high school play. From set design, to costumes, to dance choreography, stage direction, the attention to the tiniest of details! Oliver was an incredible show and the students were professional and truly outstanding.
Congratulations to the cast and crew of Oliver!”


Thank you to everyone who supported the musical! The show was close to sell out each day!

We are truly blessed by our student cast and crew and all who make St. Paul performing arts such a success.


SENIOR BIOS for “Shrek The Musical”

Julia Clough is excited for this year’s production of “Shrek the Musical.” She loves acting and sharing different stories through her work on stage. Throughout the past few years, she has been in many shows including The Wizard of Oz (Poppy, Ozzian, Munchkin), Oliver! (Ensemble), The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (Dwarf) and Shrek: the Musical (Dororthy, Captain of the Guard). She wants to thank her castmates and directors for all of their support over these past few years. She also wants to thank her family, including her Mom, Dad, brother, and sister for their support throughout her time in the theater program.

Lucas Courtemanche is a senior and is very excited to be performing in this springs production of Shrek! Lucas loves all aspects of performing, from acting to singing and dancing. He has performed in many SP shows, including Alice in Wonderland, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and played Mr. Green in the stage play Clue. Lucas also enjoys reading, drawing, and learning about History. Lucas would like to thank his family, Mr.Mazz, and the rest of the wonderful cast for making his time at SP drama truly memorable.

Elah Herron is a senior and incredibly excited to play the role of Sugar Plum Fairy and voice Gingy in this year’s production of Shrek the Musical! Her past productions include Beauty and the Beast Jr., Frozen Jr., School of Rock, Wizard of Oz (Ensemble), Godspell (Herself), Oliver (Ensemble), and Clue (The Detective). Theater has been an incredibly important part of her life and she would like to thank Mr. Mazz, Mr. Simpson, Mr. G, Mr. Z, Mrs. Nyerick, and Ryan for their dedication to each and every show. And of course to her friends and family for supporting her wholeheartedly. Break a leg future St. Paul stars!

Julia Lawson is extremely excited for this year’s performance of “Shrek The Musical”, where she will be playing Princess Fiona! Julia has been performing for 10 years and her favorite roles include Nancy in Oliver!, Sandy in Spongebob: The Musical and Miss Scarlet in Clue. She is very grateful to be a part of St. Paul Performing Arts and would like to thank everyone who has helped her to succeed. The last four years have been a blast for Julia and she can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Mackenzie Murphy is very excited for her last show as a senior, “Shrek the Musical”. She has been involved in the theatre program since her freshman year in the Monologue Mashup (Lucy from Charlie Brown). Mackenzie loves all aspects of the show, from being on stage to working in stage crew. She is looking forward to everyone seeing the hard work the cast and stage crew have put into this show. She would like to thank all the cast members she has worked with over the years and her family.

Meaghan Patterson is a senior this year and can’t wait for the spring musical! She was in last year’s production of “Oliver”, as ensemble, and this year’s production of “The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe” as ensemble. Now, in her senior year production of “Shrek the Musical”, she will be Tweedle Dee and a featured dancer. Meaghan likes to spend time with her friends and travel. Meaghan would like to thank her friends, family, and the directors for their help and support.

Christian Roach is very excited for his lead roll as Shrek in “Shrek the Musical”! Theatre has been a part of his life from a young age and he will be continuing his career at The Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. He has been in The Wizard of Oz (Cowardly Lion), Clue (Professor Plum), and Oliver! (Mr.Bumble). He wants to thank everyone who has supported him throughout his journey!

Brianna Wood is so excited to be a part of Shrek the Musical! She has always loved performing and singing with the drama club, especially with her roles as Clue (Mrs. Peacock), Alice in Wonderland (March Hare), and Wizard of Oz (Petunia the Crow)! When she isn’t on stage, Brianna loves to play her flute, Flutette. The “St. Paul’s Drama Scholar” also loves mathematics, school, and reading. She plans to pursue a mathematics major and a music minor in hopes of becoming a math professor! She wants to thank her castmates for their encouragement, her teachers for the valuable lessons she has learned, and her family, especially her mom, dad, Kaitlyn, Bella, and Zuri, for always supporting her as she pursues her passions and dreams.

Other Seniors: Emma D’Addabbo, Erica Morelli, Sarah Rose, Riley Skarupa, Amani Soulds and Alex Rediker

SENIOR BIOS for Oliver! The Broadway Musical

Dylan Bird is a senior and is very excited to be a part of the spring musical, Oliver!, in his first ever high school show. He is playing the villainous Bill Sikes after much encouragement from his good friend, Marcus Concepcion which was “very cool.” He would like to thank his family and friends for their constant support and love with special thanks to Mr. Mazzarella, Mr. Simpson, Mr. G, Dan, and Ryan for everything they have done to help him be comfortable on the stage.

Marcus Concepcion is a debuting Senior in Oliver! as Noah Claypole. He decided to join drama this year due to encouragement from his girlfriend Brighid who played Mrs. Potts in WHS’s Beauty and the Beast. He also brought along Dylan Bird into the drama program and that was “very cool.” Charlie Hergott is a BIG supporter of Marcus Concepcion and secondly a friend.
Next year, Marcus will likely attend WPI and is very thankful to Mr. Mazz, Mr. G, Dan, Ryan, and Mr. Simpson for guiding him to being a professional.

Arianna De Leon is excited for her second production at St. Paul!  She joined the drama program last year with her first performance being Wizard of Oz (tree, jitterbug, ensemble). She has been dancing for 13 years (including tap and jazz), though she also enjoys listening to music and watching her favorite TV shows. Arianna is very grateful for the friendships and memories St. Paul Drama has given her. She would like to thank Mr. Mazz, Mr. Simpson, her family, and her friends for supporting her.

Madison Howe is a senior and is thrilled to be a part of her final show with St. Paul. Her past productions with St. Paul include Rags (David), Pippin (Player), Charlotte’s Web (Charlotte), Matilda (Eric), Monologue Mashup (Jane), Broadway SRO, Out Of The Blue (Margaret), Alice In Wonderland (White Rabbit), The Wizard of Oz (Dorothy), Godspell (Madison), Clue (Wadsworth), and she is beyond excited to finish out with her most challenging role yet, Fagin in Oliver! She would like to thank her family and friends for their constant support, Mr. G, Mr. Simpson, Dan, Mrs. Nyerick, Ryan, and Mr. Mazz for everything throughout the years. A special thanks to her fellow seniors for being the best friends she could ask for!

Sophia Howe is very excited for her first and last show here at St. Paul Catholic High School. She took a hiatus but is ready to be back on the stage. She has been dancing for 8 years, and is a main dancer in this production. She would like to thank Mr Mazz and Mr Simpson, Ryan, Dan, Mr G for their support, especially her family and her friends for encouraging her to be in this production.

Kendall Raymond is not new to the stage. She has been dancing for 15 years, along with acting and singing for 4 years now. She has been in showings including: Oliver (the Artful Dodger), Out of the Blue (Paisley), Alice in Wonderland (the Cheshire Cat), Godspell (Morgan/Herself), Matilda (Hortensia/Rudolpho), and many more! She would like to thank Mr. Mazzarella, Mr. Mark, Mr. G, and Dan for always helping her succeed on stage. Also a special thank you to her vocal coach Jillian Caillouette for helping her gain confidence in herself when no one else was there to do so; she is eternally grateful for Jillian and all she has done for her.

Kirsten Ward is incredibly grateful as she steps onto stage as Mrs. Sowerberry for her last performance at St. Paul Catholic High School. St. Paul Performing Arts has been the highlight of her high school experience, taught her lifelong lessons, and created lasting friendships. Some of her past roles within the program include Mrs. White (Clue), Glinda (The Wizard if Oz), and The White Queen (Alice in Wonderland). She wishes to thank Mr. Mazz, Mr. Simpson, Mr. G, Dan Satter, each member of the drama family, and everyone who has contributed to not only Oliver’s, but also her own success.

SENIOR BIOS for the Wizard of Oz – 2022

Riley is extremely happy to be a part of this year’s Wizard of Oz production. From Charlotte’s Web (Stage Crew) during Sophomore year to Alice in Wonderland (Knave of Hearts) during early-Senior year, Riley is excited to take on the challenge of the Great and Powerful Oz! Outside of drama, Riley likes to read light novels, play video games, hang out with friends, and watch his favorite YouTubers and Anime. Riley would like to thank all of his friends in and outside of drama, his parents, and the Chess Club Triumvirate, all of whom have helped him get through the various hurdles that have been thrown his way this year.

Sydney is a senior and relatively new to drama but not to the stage. She has performed tap, jazz, ballet, contemporary, and pointe for 15 years. She was a member of this fall’s production of Alice in Wonderland (Alice’s sister, ensemble) and is looking forward to her performance in the Wizard of Oz (City Father, Lullaby Leaguer, Ozian citizen). Sydney would like to thank Mr. Mazz for his guidance and her family and friends for their love and support.

Robert Roach is a senior and extremely excited to play the Tinman in this year’s musical! He has done productions at SPCHS since freshmen year and is excited to end his time here with his first lead. The SPCHS drama program has been a highlight of his time here and would like to thank all his friends who have made his senior year so great. He would like to give a thanks to all the family and friends that came to support and a special acknowledgment to his “sunrise” for all the memories they have and will make before he leaves for college.

Maddy is a senior and is very excited to be back on stage for the last time! Her list of productions includes Cinderella, Charlotte’s Web (Goose), Matilda (Lavender), the Monologue Mashup (Tillie), the Broadway SRO, Alice in Wonderland (Tweedledee), and finally the Wizard of Oz (Wicked Witch of the West). She is looking forward to finally perform after a long break from the stage, and she would like to dedicate this year’s performance to her family, Mr. Mazz, Mr. Simpson, Mr. G, Mrs. Nyerick, and the former cast of Matilda.

Sami Millerick started her theater career four years ago and has loved every minute of it. She has been in shows such as Penny Dreadfuls (Calvin), Cinderella (ensemble), Pippin (ensemble), Charlottes Web (Fern), Matilda (Matilda), Monologue Mashup, Broadway SRO, Out of the Blue (Rory), Alice in Wonderland (Alice), and she is very excited to end her St. Paul Drama career with Wizard of Oz (Scarecrow). Sami will be continuing her theater journey at Sacred Heart University next fall. She would like to thank her family for always supporting her and being the best audience, as well as Mr. Mazz for growing her love for theater and teaching her everything she knows!

Sarah is a senior and has loved her four years in drama! She has performed in Penny Dreadfuls (Bottleneck), Pippin (Berthe), Charlotte’s Web (Wilbur), The Monologue Mashup (St. Joan), and Alice in Wonderland (Queen of Hearts). She has also done a lot behind the scenes working with sets and special effects over her four years. Sarah would like to thank Mr. Mazz, Mr. G, Mrs. Nyerick, Mr. Simpson, Ryan V., her family, and all her fellow seniors for the best four years!

Daniel, known as Danny in the Drama Club, is a senior who has been with the Drama Club for 4 years, starting with Penny Dreadfuls in 2018. He has fulfilled many roles, from being a police officer and a frog, to even being the stage crew manager. After high school, Danny intends to continue his education at the Storrs campus of the University of Connecticut to become a neurologist and a psychologist. He would like to thank his friends and family for always coming to his shows to support him, Mr. Mazz for making all this magic happen to begin with, and the whole drama club family for all the lasting and enjoyable memories he made.

2021 Spring Musical is Broadway SRO (Standing Room Only)

It’s here! Broadway SRO!

St. Paul Performing Arts is proud to present this original virtual musical theatre revue, created by director Mark Mazzarella which features 20 outstanding performers and assortment of Broadway’s most memorable moments, past and present. And at the helm of the musical numbers is Dan Satter, this year’s musical director and our dance numbers choreographed by Mark Simpson.  St. Paul Performing Arts showcases the bright lights and shining stars of the Broadway stage in a musical celebration featuring dozens of classic hits like Matilda, Les Misérables, The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the Roof, Beautiful, The Wizard of Oz, Wicked, and Dear Evan Hansen are just a few of the titles from which we reminisce our return to the theatre.


Monologue Mash Up – Virtual – Fall 2020

Shrek the Musical – Spring Musical 2024

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – Fall 2023

Oliver! – Spring Musical 2023

Clue – Fall 2022

Wizard of Oz – Spring Musical 2022

Alice in Wonderland – Fall 2021

Broadway SRO! – Spring Musical 2021

Charlotte’s Web – Fall 2019

Cinderella – Spring Musical 2019

Penny Dreadfuls – Fall 2018

Mary Poppins – Spring Musical 2018

Angel in the Night – Fall 2017

Rags – Fall 2015

Sound of Music – Spring Musical 2015

St. Paul Catholic High School Performing Arts Program

The St. Paul Catholic High School Performing Arts program has been strong for many years under the direction of Mr. Mark Mazzarella who is also a St. Paul alum.

Marks photoMark Mazzarella, a two time Tony Award Nominee for Excellence in Theatre Education and Emmy Award Winner has over 32 years of experience in the performing arts. Notably, for more than a decade Mark has been the director of St. Paul Performing Arts, an Award-Winning, and Nationally Recognized High School Theater Program. His career has spanned theater, television, and film. He has produced hundreds of productions including educational films, television, documentaries, and stage productions.