Spiritual Life

St. Paul Catholic High School provides a safe and nurturing faith-based environment in which students are encouraged to reach their full potential.

St. Paul Students and Fr. Hector – WJMJ Daily Mass – September 23, 2018



Prayer Services or a celebration of the Mass occur monthly for the entire school community (St. Gregory the Great Church OR our Auditorium). Mass and Eucharistic Adoration are available once a week in our chapel (Every Thursday at 7:15am). Students also visit the chapel frequently as part of their religion class. Special occasions for prayer during Advent and Lent supplement the program. As a whole, these events encourage students to worship God “in Spirit and truth” (John 4:24). Students also have various opportunities throughout the year to participate in the worship activities of the wider Archdiocesan community.


Each student is required to attend a yearly retreat with other members of their grade. The retreats are designed to enrich their relationship with God and their classmates as “companions on the journey.” Led by speakers who guide students in delving deeper into their faith, these days of rest feature a celebration of the Mass, as well as other opportunities to grow in community and worship. Themes of St. Paul retreats range from Christian identity to service, from the call to discipleship to theology of the body.


Built on the pillars of faith, formation, and fellowship, Campus Ministry endeavors to meet the daily spiritual needs of St. Paul students. During free periods and after school, students may meet in the Campus Ministry lounge for various activities, including faith reflections, discussions of the relevant moral issues of today, and community prayer. Consistently growing, the Campus Ministry of St. Paul is driven largely by student initiatives under the guidance of the campus minister.


Each student at St. Paul is expected to understand and fulfill the Christian call to service at the school and within the wider community. Each grade has its own set of requirements monitored by the Religious Studies Department. Students are encouraged to go beyond the requirement of service in responding to God’s call to love one’s neighbor as oneself, and opportunities to do so are frequently provided by the school. These include visits to the soup kitchen, youth sports camps, an annual trip to Washington DC for the March for Life, and other diverse projects.