“The greatest lessons we learn are not found in textbooks. They cannot be graded, they cannot be studied and they are not memorized the night before a test. They do however, stay with us for a lifetime. It is these lessons that help us to make decisions in our daily lives.”

My son had been playing soccer since the second grade and was used to being a part of a winning team. It was during his junior year at St. Paul and his team was facing another losing season. He was disgusted, did not see eye to eye with his coach and told me he was going to quit the team. That afternoon I picked him up from practice and asked him how his coach had reacted to his quitting the team. My son’s response was that he was not going to quit the team. The school had attended mass that morning and the priest’s sermon was all about perserverance. No matter how bad things get we should never give up and we should see things through. It was during that mass that my son decided to “persevere”. That was truly a life lesson that brought tears to my eyes and reaffirmed our decision to send him to St. Paul.  Students sit in classrooms to learn, they pass in the hallways and socialize, they play sports to be a part of a team. There are activities and clubs that appeal to the diversity of the student body, but at St. Paul they teach to the heart.
S. D., St. Paul Parent

“I am writing to share my thanks to St. Paul for three wonderful years! You meant, “Welcome Home” in all the many events and opportunities you provide for the kids, notes of encouragement and guidance that you sent to our home, prayerful events you provide for families to gather and the list goes on and on. I have trusted the academic guidance of my daughter to your capable staff and appreciate the care and kindness they have shown her. The result has been consecutive years of making honor roll and induction into the National Honor Society. Beside academics, you have taught her in the Catholic tradition and have truly reinforced the values of honor, ethics and integrity with your staff’s leadership during the daily school interactions and diligence in managing behavior at sporting and social events. St. Paul has been a shepherd to these kids at the most challenging time of their lives as each navigates their destiny and future vocations. Overall, the St. Paul staff has been a remarkable partner in the parenting of my child. For this reason, I have enrolled my son in the Fall (2012) freshman class so he can begin his journey of his discovery similar to his sister. ”
J. Gentile, St. Paul Parent

A Personal and Caring Environment:”My son who is currently a sophomore at St. Paul had recently been struggling in his geometry class. After trying several things at home, we reached out to the guidance department and his teacher. Together, we developed a plan to put my son back on the right track again. His teacher consistently works with him after hours and has assigned him additional work which she covers with him on a regular basis in a 1:1 environment. The guidance department enlisted the help on an honors society student who spends up to 2 hours per week with my son drilling him on his assignments. Thanks to this action plan, my son has seen significant improvement in his recent test scores.This is my third child and we have experience with both public and private high schools. I am convinced that due to the small size of St. Paul and more importantly the willingness of the staff to work directly with the individual student, St. Paul provides a nurturing environment with the child’s best interests at the center of all that they do. Well done SPCHS!
S. Pomposi, St. Paul Parent