Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, St. Paul Catholic High School implemented a house system which distributed our student body into six houses named after communities who were evangelized by St. Paul: Corinthians, Ephesians, Galatians, Philippians, Romans, and Thessalonians. These communities have members from all four classes and a group of faculty leaders.

In turn, each house is comprised of five smaller advisory groups of a little more than a dozen students with a single faculty leader in each advisory. Students will remain a member of their house and advisory throughout their career. Each house and advisory is responsible for selecting two student house leaders and one or two advisory leaders. Advisories meet at least monthly and houses
meet approximately every quarter.

The house system was introduced for a number of reasons. It is easier to develop a sense of pride and community in groups of 13 students (advisory) and 67 students (house) than in groups of 100
(class) and 400 (school). While class and school pride will still be nurtured, those emotions can take years to develop. In a smaller group, relationships can form more quickly. The house system greatly increases the number of leadership opportunities for our students. Planning meetings of individual house and advisory group leaders present both students and teachers opportunities to provide creative ideas to enrich the entire community’s experience. The smaller advisory groups provide natural avenues for older students to develop bonds with younger students and thus establish social and academic mentoring opportunities. As students develop pride in their house and advisory, they will naturally want to support new members of the community to ensure that their group continues to be a positive force in the greater school community.