SCRIP Program

Turn Everyday Shopping into Fundraising for SPCHS.



The SCRIP program is an incredible way to support St. Paul Catholic High School and for you to earn discounts on your student tuition just by purchasing gift cards to pay for your everyday shopping or as gifts.

Once you earn $250 in gift card rebates for St. Paul’s, you then earn credit towards your family SCRIP rebate that can be applied to tuition. (Rebates are calculated by the discount percentage per merchant — i.e. Stop & Shop @ 4% x $100 purchased = $4.00 earned). *

  • Ordering is simple—order by filling out THIS order form (these are cards we have on hand at the school) and dropping off in the main office.
  • You can order online one-time or recurring weekly at using St. Paul’s Enrollment Code: DCACE4AC14275.
  • Order any of the retailer gift cards from this list and send in to the main office – St. Paul will order them for you.

Great to use for your weekly shopping needs, for birthday gifts, or “Any Day” gift!

If you have any questions regarding SCRIP, please email or call the Advancement Office at 860.584.0911 x21.

This program is not required but highly recommended.