National Honor Society

St. Paul National Honor Society

The Saint Pope John XXIII Chapter of the National Honor Society is an important service and leadership organization in the school.  Students receive the honor of induction if they have demonstrated the qualities of scholarship, character, leadership, and service throughout their high school careers.  Therefore, students are encouraged to strive for this honor beginning on their first day at St. Paul.

Those students who have weighted average of 90.00 or higher at the end of the first semester of their sophomore, junior, or senior year are academically eligible for induction in that year.  Eligible students will be required to complete an evaluation packet.  The packet materials include three essays in which the student describes the ways in which he or she has demonstrated the qualities of character, leadership, and service.  Also, requested in the packet are two character references; one should be completed and submitted by a faculty member and one by a responsible adult outside of the school staff.

The names of students who have returned a completed evaluation packet will appear on a confidential memo polling the faculty.  The faculty will rate each academically eligible student on character, leadership, and service.  Faculty members who give students ratings that might influence the Council to withhold the honor of induction will be required to write a brief statement of explanation of that rating.  The adviser will also distribute a list of academically eligible students to moderators asking them to note any students who are involved in their activity and to note any particularly significant positive or negative aspects of that student’s participation.  Clearly, because the honor of induction is granted by the school, the school feels strongly that some service must be done in the school.  Conversely, students whose service outside the school is so outstanding that members of our community are aware of it and it thus is a positive influence in our community may receive the honor of induction.

The results of the faculty poll, moderators’ reactions, and the evaluation packet will be reviewed by the five member Faculty Council of the National Honor Society.  The Council will then select those students who will be tapped for induction.

Members must maintain the standards for induction, participate in Chapter activities, and observe the NHS Constitution and the Chapter Bylaws.  Copies of these documents are posted on the St. Paul Web Page.  Members failing to meet these obligations are liable for dismissal.  Any member who fails to maintain the standards which are the basis of his or her membership shall be promptly warned.  After the warning, if the member fails to meet the standards used as the basis for his or her membership, his or her case will go before the Faculty Council.  The Council may impose conditions for probation or dismiss the member.  The president or deans are the only avenue of appeal to decisions of the Council.  Once a member is dismissed, he or she is never again eligible for membership in the National Honor Society.

Click here to view the official St. Paul NHS Bylaws.