St. Paul Social Media Task Force

St. Paul’s Social Media Task Force is a student-led initiative to discuss social media issues, what should be talked about and brought to the forefront with students and social media today. Meetings are held once a week and there are about 40 students on the task force, consisting of Seniors, Juniors, Sophomore and Freshmen.

The task force kicked off the school year with a guest speaker, for the entire student body, on the harm of irresponsible social media and how a persons reputation and potentially career can be jeopardized.

This was followed up with a survey to students and a discussion about the speakers topics which was all led by the social media task force.

Next was a discussion on the responsibility of using social media and a number of different scenarios that can come up.

After sharing a video and “fake” profiles that the task force created they led a safety discussion called, “would you follow these people?” which opened up a lot of discussion.

The task force ended the year with this video about protecting yourself by going private.

After being very well received, the social media task force will begin up again in the Fall with potentially more videos, guest speakers and small group discussions.

Take a look at our video and share with everyone!!!