Sunday Evening News 8/29/21

August 29, 2021 - 6:20 pm

August 29, 2021

God of wisdom and might,
We praise you for the wonder of our being
for mind, body and spirit.
Be with our students as they begin a new school year.
Bless them and their teachers.
Give them strength and grace as their bodies grow;
Wisdom and knowledge to the mind as they search for understanding;
And peace and zeal to their hearts.
We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.
(Whitney Hetzel)

Peace and Greetings,

The end of August has arrived and is ushering in the annual ritual of beginning a new school year. The campus is starting to come alive. Fall athletic teams have begun practicing and later this week everyone will be back in-person. We’re eager to welcome you home! I’m writing to share some additional information as well as remind you of a few responsibilities.


2021-2022 Opening Day Schedule

Class of 2025 and Transfer Students Orientation
Thursday, September 2, from 7:45 am – 2:12 pm
Assemble in the Auditorium

New Students Convocation
Thursday, September 2 at 7:00 pm in the Auditorium
(Students should assemble in dress attire in the Dining Hall at 6:30 pm.)

All Students Orientation
Friday, September 3 from 7:45 am – 2:12 pm dismissal
Assemble in the Auditorium


New Faculty Announced

In addition to Mr. Madden and Mrs. Whitney who were announced in my August 12th letter, I’m pleased to share that Mrs. Kimberly Kellogg will be joining our world language/social studies departments. Mrs. Kellogg will teach French as well as two Western Civilization classes. Mrs. Kellogg received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Connecticut College and Master of Arts Education from Sacred Heart University. Most recently, Mrs. Kellogg was a long-term substitute French teacher at Valley Regional High School, Deep River, CT.


Health Room Emergency Information Card & SPCHS Information Form

Don’t mean to overwhelm you with this, but last call for updated contact information. If you haven’t already sent your forms into the main office or health room, please send them in with your child this week. Students will not be allowed to attend school after September 10th if the information is not on file.


2021-2022 In-Person Learning Schedule

While every effort is being made to return to a normal academic schedule, there remain COVID-19 mitigating practices that all Connecticut K-12 public and private schools are mandated to follow to provide for a healthy and safe learning environment. A primary one is wearing a mask when inside a school building with the exception of eating lunch. Therefore, the following reflects some changes to our normal daily academic schedule to allow time for two mask breaks and an increase from two to three lunch waves to reduce dining hall numbers during each lunch period. Similar to last year, we will be providing additional outdoor seating under two large tents as weather permits.

  • 7-periods a day; 1 period drops each day
  • A and B period are locked; C, D, E, F, G and H periods rotate over a six-day cycle
  • Homeroom attendance and announcements will occur during A period each morning
  • 3 lunch waves based on academic departments
  • 4-minute passing time between periods
  • 2 mask breaks, 6 minutes each
  • Staggered dismissal at the end of the school day


Daily Schedule

HR/Period 1 7:45-8:30 (HR 5 minutes, class 40 minutes)
Period 2 8:34-9:14 (40 minutes)
Mask Break 9:14-9:20
Period 3 9:24-10:09 (45 minutes)
Period 4 10:13-10:58 (45 minutes)
Period 5 11:02-12:24

Group A (Social Studies, World Language, English)
@ lunch 11:02-11:24
In class 11:28-12:24 (56-minute classes)

Group B (Religion, Unified Arts, Study Hall)
In class 11:02-11:28 (26-minute class)
@ lunch 11:32-11:54
In class 11:58-12:24 (26-minute class)

Group C (Math and Science)
In class 11:02-11:58 (56-minute classes)
@ lunch 12:02-12:24

Period 6 12:28-1:13 (45 minutes)
Mask Break 1:13-1:19
Period 7 1:23-2:08 (45 minutes)
Dismissal 2:08-2:12



       Day 1

Drop H

Day 2

Drop C

Day 3

Drop D

Day 4

Drop E

Day 5

Drop F

Drop 6

Drop G

7:45-8:30 A A A A A A
8:34-9:14 B B B B B B
9:24-10:09 C D E F G H
10:13-10:58 D E F G H C
11:02-12:24 E F G H C D
12:28-1:13 F G H C D E
1:23-2:08 G H C D E F

This will be explained in greater detail during the student’s orientation at the end of this week.


COVID-19 Update

Reference is made to my August 12 letter as well as the 2021-2022 Student Handbook that can now be found on the St. Paul website: The COVID-19 section can be found on pages 2-4 providing a complete summary of this year’s policies and procedures. I will communicate COVID-19 details and changes from last year during student orientation this week. It should be emphasized that the health and well-being of students, faculty, staff and visitors while on our campus is of primary importance. Any COVID-19 concerns or questions should be directed to my attention:


Student Handbook Agreement

Speaking of the Student Handbook, parents and students are expected to read the updated online document before printing, signing and returning a copy of the Student Handbook Agreement 2021-2022 form by September 10th to the student’s homeroom teacher or the main office.



We have been notified by both Dennis and Lands’ End that there are delays and backorders for their school uniforms this summer. We expect all returning students who have St. Paul uniforms to wear their uniforms. Transfer and freshmen students who may not have yet received their uniform orders will be allowed to wear clothes as close to the SP uniform as possible. That would be a white or blue polo or golf shirt and khaki or navy blue pants or slacks. Leggings, yoga pants, etc. of any color are not allowed.



We have decided to assign one locker per student to begin the school year, leaving an empty locker between adjacent students. This is being done as a convenience to our students. However, students are strongly encouraged not to congregate by their lockers.



As circumstances permit, we plan to return to Monday morning school-wide assemblies as a way to communicate and celebrate life at St. Paul. For contact tracing purposes, students will be assigned a permanent seat as we utilize the entire auditorium to maximize physical distancing.


Food Service

Paul Gregory’s will be operating our food service again this year. Stella will be returning to a full breakfast and lunch menu starting this Thursday. In addition to assorted salads and sandwiches, the hot lunch option on Thursday will be chicken patty sandwiches and on Friday popcorn chicken. Families interested in opening a prepaid account (any amount) should make a check payable to Paul Gregory’s and hand to Stella at the lunch line.



The out-of-town bus information is now available; click here to view. Bristol and out-of- town students should address any busing questions to Elizabeth Gunn: We thank you for your patience and appreciate your understanding knowing that St. Paul and First Student bus company are doing our very best in this constantly evolving and complicated process.


Student Medication Drop Off

Our school nurse, Liz McGuire, from the Bristol-Burlington Health District (BBHD) will be stationed under a tent at the front flagpole area on Thursday, September 2 and Friday, September 3 from 7:15 am – 7:45 am for any parent who needs to drop off student medication. Students cannot bring medication directly to the health room. Any questions, do not hesitate to contact Mrs. McGuire: or our health aide, Ann Marie Pahl:


Main Office Hours

During normal business days, the main office is open from 7:00 am – 3:00 pm. Our receptionist, Mrs. Sue Fazzuoli, will assist you or transfer you to the appropriate person. Student absences should be directed to her at 860-584-0911 or

Feels like there’s so much more but that’s it for now. We will continue to do our best to keep you informed. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact any of us here at St. Paul if you have any questions or concerns.

There’s much excitement and maybe some nervous anticipation as we begin a new school year. No doubt though, we are all in this together. I ask for your continued prayers for all of us who call St. Paul home! #comingtogetherstrongerthanever


Yours in St. Paul,


Cary M. Dupont ‘72

President/Chief Administrator


For a printable format of this letter – CLICK HERE