Scrip 99

October 25, 2021 - 11:07 am

Not sure how our SCRIP program works?

Here’s an example of how SCRIP can be used:

(Scene: 99 Restaurant – just finishing dinner)

Waiter: Would you like anything else tonight?

(Mike looks at his family questioningly.)

All (various ad lib): No. We’re good. All set.

Mike: No, thanks. Just the check please. Oh! And a pen? I’m going to buy a gift card on my phone right now. In a minute or two, I’ll have the gift card and I’ll just write the number of the card on the back of the receipt.

Waiter: You don’t have the actual gift card yet?

Mike: Nope. (smiles) But once I do and write it down, you just need to process it like any other gift card. There’s no plastic card to swipe or scan, but you can just type the gift card number into your system and it works the same.

Waiter: Oh. OK then. (walks away)

(Time passes)

Waiter: (Returning) Here’s your paper check and a pen.

(Mike opens up his RaiseRight™ application on his phone, finds “99 Restaurant” in the vendor list and buys a gift card. The $63.29 bill plus a 20% tip is $75.95, but he can only buy electronic cards in $5 increments, so he just rounds down to $75.00 even – it’s still a good tip.)

Mike: Great! Give me another minute or two.

Waiter: OK.

(The gift card takes a minute or so to drop in, but once it shows up on the phone, Mike writes the number down as he said and awaits the waiter.)

Waiter: All set?

Mike: Yes.

(Time passes)

Waiter: Here’s your copy. Just sign the other copy and you’re all set. You have $11.71 left on your gift card.

Mike: Thank you!

(Mike writes $11.71 for the tip so the gift card balance is now $0.00 and he archives the card so it no longer shows in the “wallet” of the app.)

Mike and his family just spent $75 at 99 Restaurant. They were going to spend $75 eating regardless. But since they paid with RaiseRight™ (the Scrip app), “99” is now going to give SPCHS $9.75. Without using RaiseRight, 99 isn’t going to give SPCHS anything. Either way, Mike was spending $75 for dinner. Why NOT let “99” donate the money?

It’s that easy.