Placement Exam Registration

Class of 2025 prospective students other grade 10 transfer students looking to attend St. Paul Catholic High School in the 2021-2022 school year must take a High School Placement Exam either in-person or online.

Want to take the Placement Exam?
We are offering In-Person or Online placement exams by appointment only.

REGISTER HERE and the Admissions Office will contact you to set up a day and time to take the exam.


Test Information:

  • The Placement Exam is a standardized test that evaluates a student’s performance levels in both basic skills and cognitive areas. The basic skills are math, reading, and language. This is NOT an Entrance Exam.
  • The cognitive portion of the test measures verbal and quantitative skills. The test is multiple-choice and is divided into several sections.
  • Students taking the Online placement exam will be contacted by Mr. Matthew Crowley ’82, Director of Admissions after you’ve registered.  Students who take the exam online will not be eligible for merit scholarships.

Basic Information:

  • The test fee is $25, covering the cost of the exam.
  • Students should bring two #2 pencils
  • Snacks/refreshments will be provided
  • Calculators are not permitted

Would you rather send in a printable form with a check?  CLICK HERE!