Parent/teacher conferences are scheduled for Wednesday, October 13 from 1:30pm – 7:30pm

Parent/teacher conferences will be held in-person this year. Please discuss with your child(ren) their schedule, teachers, and academic standings in each of their classes.

Below you will find an alphabetical listing of our faculty.

Click on their name and choose a time (10-minute appointment) that works best for you to meet with them in their assigned rooms (CLICK HERE for a printable list of teacher’s room assignments and a printable sheet to keep track of your conference times and rooms).

As you can imagine, there is not a sufficient amount of time for every teacher to visit at length with every parent. Should you need additional time, please email the teacher directly.

Our school counselors, Mrs. Mancini and Mrs. Glynn are also available to meet by appointment.

Mr. Aliberti
Coach Cianciolo
Mrs. Clarke
Mrs. Conner – FULL
Mr. Duffany – FULL
Mr. Gabbard – FULL
Mrs. Glynn-school counselor
Dr. Gnoza – FULL
Mrs. Houle
Senora Jalbert – FALL
Mr. Junko
Mrs. Kellogg
Mrs. Kelly – FULL
Mrs. Kendrick – FULL
Mrs. Kromidas – FULL
Mr. Landin – FULL
Senora LeBron-Rojas – FULL
Sister Mary Mercy Lee – FULL
Mrs. Lindquist
Mr. Longmore – FULL
Mr. Madden
Mrs. Mancini-school counselor
Mr. Mazzarella
Mrs. McGuire – FULL
Mr. Palmero – FULL
Mrs. Pisani – FULL
Ms. Silva – FULL
Mr. Simpson
Mr. Vollono – FULL
Mr. Wallace
Mrs. Whitney