Mid-Term Exams

January 10, 2022 - 9:16 am

Exam Schedule and Permission Slip (printable)


Dean of Academics News

January 9, 2022

As we approach the end of the second marking period at St. Paul, we recognize that there have been an increased number of students who have missed in-person instruction during the first days back from Christmas vacation. Additionally, we lost two days this past week due to winter weather. After much careful consideration, St. Paul has decided to delay the start of mid-term exams until Tuesday, January 18.


This decision takes several factors into consideration. First, we recognize that both students, teachers, and families are continuing to learn and teach in unprecedented times. While St. Paul has done everything possible to ensure, provide and deliver on our promise of a high-quality Catholic college-preparatory education, we also recognize that consideration must be given to the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have. Second, by delaying exams, we gain back two days of instruction/exam preparation which is beneficial for both teachers and students as they finish the work for the second quarter and wrap up first semester courses.


The new schedule will be A and B period exams on Tuesday, January 18. C and D period exams on Wednesday, January 19. E and F period exams on Thursday, January 20 and G and H period exams on Friday, January 21. The first exam begins each morning at 8:00 and runs until 9:45. The second exam begins at 10:15 and runs until Noon. School will end for the day at the close of the second exam. School busses will pick-up students at Noon. If there is any winter weather during this time period, we will push the calendar back one day for a snow day or come in for 9:45 if there is a 2-hour delay. Students who are in quarantine during mid-term exams will not be able to take missed exams until they return to in-person learning. Returning students will then meet with me to develop a schedule to make up any missed mid-term exams once all their second quarter work is complete.


As is traditionally the case, students will be able to come in late or leave early when they have a study hall in their schedule. There is a permission slip that students will be receiving in homeroom this week that they will need to bring home for a signature if they intend to come in late or leave early during exams.


I continue to be proud of and humbled by the efforts that our students and teachers have made this school year to make the learning environment at St. Paul as rich as it has been all things considered. Certainly 2022 has thrown us some curveballs, but as we always do at St. Paul we rise to the occasion and strive toward our vision of being a truly great Catholic high school. I wish the students and teachers a successful end to the second quarter/first semester and encourage all students to make their very best efforts as they prepare for mid-term exams