Activities and Clubs


club-cloudSt. Paul Catholic encourages its students to explore their interests through the many extra-curricular opportunities offered by the school.

Badminton Club: The Badminton Club meets on Friday (Spring) in the Gym
Adviser: Mr. Crowley and Mr. Wallace

Blue Key Club: The Blue Key Club is formed by the students who act as ambassadors for the school.  They serve as hosts and hostesses to guests to the school and they represent the school in the community.  They are vital to the Admissions Department as they act as guides to Freshmen for Day and Open House tours.  They accompany the Admissions Director on visits to our feeder schools.  They make follow up phone calls to prospective students they hosted.  Blue Key Club is a select group and they are trained by the Admissions Director to represent the school in the best possible way.
Adviser: Mr. Crowley

Chess Club: The mission of the St. Paul Catholic High School Chess Club is to provide an opportunity for fun, recreational chess; foster a love and understanding of the game, help others learn or improve their self-confidence, mental focus, logic, discipline and analytical skills; develop students’ sportsmanship; and teach the rules, vocabulary, history and culture of the game. The Chess Club meets after school every Friday in the cafeteria.
Moderator: Dr. Gnoza

Creative Writing Club: Meets Monday after school in room 230. Moderator: Ms. Whitlock

Data Analytics Team: Meets Wednesday at 2:15 in room 214.
Advisers: Mrs. Clarke and Mr. Aliberti

Food Club: Food Club’s goal is to expose members to a variety of food styles and cultures as well as offer cooking tips and teach the science of cooking. Meetings are in the school’s kitchen from 2:15-4:15 p.m. on the third Thursday of the month. Attendees must sign up three business days prior to the meeting.
Advisers: Mrs. Zillich & Sister Marie Benedict

French Club: Meets Thursdays at 2:15 in room 122
Adviser: Miss Boucher

Kids Kicking Cancer: Information to come

Latin Club: The main activity of the Latin Club is to paint the school’s chariot with a new design each year so that it can be entered in the design contest at the annual Connecticut State Latin Day, which is a field trip for Latin students. Meets Monday and Wednesday after school in Room 118.
Adviser: Dr. Gnoza

Math Team: The Math Team is a group of students who enjoy doing challenging math problems.  Team members participate in math competitions both inside and outside of the school.  Meeting dates are first and third Wednesday after school in room 214.
Moderator: Mrs. Clarke

Mission Club: The members of the Mission Club participate in a number of community service and outreach projects designed to assist those less fortunate than ourselves.  The club serves at a local soup kitchen on the first and second Monday of every even month and the first Wednesday and fifth Tuesday of every odd month that school is in session. Students must sign up with the club advisers prior to each soup kitchen date. Additional meetings during the year are announced in advance. Annual club dues are $5.
Adviser: Mrs. Zavarella and Miss Ciervo

National Honor Society: The Pope John XXIII Chapter of the National Honor Society operates under the Constitution established by the National Association of Secondary School Principals.  Within that Constitution, the school has considerable latitude to make of the organization what it chooses through the Chapter’s Bylaws.  Though some schools choose to make the organization little more than a club of students with high academic averages, St. Paul takes to heart the four traits required of membership: scholarship, service, leadership, and character.  The National Honor Society is a very important service organization at St. Paul Catholic High School.  It provides service within the school community and to the community at large.   The members of the National Honor Society are the most mature, responsible, and intelligent individuals in the student body.  Though induction into the Society is a great honor for our highest achieving students, St. Paul requires members to be exemplary of all four qualities and to live the National Honor Society motto, “Noblese oblige.”  In fact, the greatest service Chapter members provide to the school is the example they set for other students every day in classes and in the halls of the school.  The process by which students are selected for induction is included in the Student Handbook.  NHS meetings are usually the first Monday of the month in the Music Room.
Adviser: Dr. Gnoza

Performing Arts (Drama): The St. Paul Performing Arts program is phenomenal for the size of our school, winning multiple awards in statewide competition.  Productions include a fall drama and a spring musical.  Rehearsals are usually Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings.  Participants may appear on stage, back stage, in the tech booth, in the pit band, as a lead, as a chorus member, as a stage manager, as a business manager, etc.
Director: Mr. Mazzarella

Ping Pong Club: The members of the Ping Pong Club participate in a tournament each Thursday after school in the cafeteria.
Adviser: Dr. Gnoza

Pro-Life Club: Meets every Friday at 2:15 at Campus Ministry.
Adviser: Sister Marie Benedict

Renaissance Club: The Renaissance Program is meant to recognize student achievement in a variety of ways and at a number of levels.  The Renaissance Program distributes birthday cards, recognizes honor roll achievements, and sponsors golden attitude awards and student of the week and of the month. Meetings are held Thursdays after school in room 230,
Moderator: Mrs. Conner

SPARC: St. Paul Reading & Cinema Club, pronounced as spark):The mission of SPRCC is to provide students with the opportunity to: experience and enjoy the art of storytelling through motion pictures and the written word; explore the language of film and publishing; recognize the differences and similarities of conveying messages through different mediums; share thoughts on key elements such as plot, visual effects, language, etc.; and expose students to a variety of genres that will improve reasoning, artistic and analytical skills. Meetings are held in the library the second Friday of the month at 2:15, except for holidays. This club is a combination of the former book and movie clubs.
Moderator: Mrs. Zillich

Sewing Club: Sewing Club is committed to completing projects that inspire, challenge and serve others through a variety of needle arts. Students learn independence, improve practical skills and stretch their creative capacity in a productive and fun environment. Annual projects include the senior quilt and alter cloth, as well as a practical sewing aide, fundraiser, service project and independent project of their choice. Sewing Club meets in the Annex every Friday at 2:15, except for holidays.
Adviser: Mrs. Zillich

Social Media Task Force: meeting every Mondays at 2:15 in room 222.
Moderator: Mr. Wallace

SPLATT – St. Paul Lighting and Audio, Technical Team:
Adviser: Mr. Alberti

SPTV – Morning News:
Adviser: Mr. Alberti

Student Government: The Student Government plans school assemblies, pep rallies, fundraisers and events for Halloween, Christmas and Valentine’s day.  Members organize the coat drive, the food drive and blood drive in the school.  We raise  and coordinate the BARC prom.  The Student Government meets every Thursday at 2:15 in Room 132.
Moderator: Mrs. Kendrick

United Way Youth Board: Information to come

Women Helping Women Club: The mission of the Women Helping Women club is to gain awareness of issues related to women and to help women in need in the community. The club meet the first Wednesday of each month at 2:15 in room 118. In addition, the club selects and completes two services projects each year related to serving women in need in the local area.
Adviser: Miss Bowman

Yearbook – Kaleidoscope: The Yearbook staff is in charge of deciding on the themes, designs, and layouts of the yearbook. Staff compile photograph of sports, club activities, and student life and create layout pages using publishing software. They are responsible for completing their assigned yearbook pages. Yearbook provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn how to use publishing software as well as learning to execute sections of a process within deadlines. Yearbook meets every Wednesday at 2:15 in room 132, but much of the assigned work can be done with a laptop.
Adviser: Mrs. Kendrick