The Hunchback of Notre Dame



St. Paul Performing Arts is proud to present the amazing new musical The Hunchback of Notre Dame, on stage from April 6-8, making the St. Paul one of the first high schools in Connecticut to stage this new musical.

Victor Hugo’s epic tale of hope, love and passion, soars to life in this emotionally charged retelling of the celebrated classic. The love story of the beautiful gypsy girl Esmeralda, the scorned bell-ringer Quasimodo and the dashing Captain Phoebus comes to glorious life in this powerful rendition of the timeless tale.

The bold and dramatic theatrics, combined with the music’s orchestral power and choral beauty provided by an 18 member local choir that accompanies this talented cast, promise to transport audiences back to fifteenth century Paris and inside the cathedral walls made famous by Victor Hugo’s novel.


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TasteBook and Dip Mixes


Do you need a great last minute gift?  How about a quick appetizer for a Holiday Party? Judecraft Delicious Dried Dip Mixes are the answer!

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7 dip mix flavors for just $20!  Your set comes with 1 package of each: Texas Ranch, Loaded Potato, Great Garlic, Beer Cheese, Savory Sun dried Tomato and Bacon, Chesapeake Crab Dip & Seasoning, Southwest Jalapeno.  These packets combine with some simple ingredients to make dips, spreads, cheese balls and some are a base for soup!  Spread you favorite packets on poultry, fish, even steaks!

Dips are ready for immediate delivery while supplies last!  Simply send an envelope to the SP main office with your payment ($20 per order of 7 dips).  Mark the envelope DIP MIXES (include your name please).  Orders will be filled within 24 hours.  Thank you for supporting St Paul Softball.  Questions, please contact Kristen Aldieri 860-462-7245Kristen@reneytours.com





THE TASTE DINING and ACTIVITY BOOK – 2018 Greater Hartford Edition is on sale now!   The cost is just $25 per book.  Each book includes 2 ways to save:

Save $10 off a minimum $40 bill at 50 fine dining establishments such as BRISTOL – Fuji Japanese Steakhouse,  NEW BRITAIN – Eastside, HARTFORD – Carbone’s, Feng, Ichiban, J Bar, Peppercorns, Salute WEST HARTFORD – Butterfly, Los Imperios, Taste of India, Tokyo Sushi III, Vinted, ROCKY HILL – Chuck’s Steakhouse, Dakota Steakhouse, Elizabeth’s, Pazzo, Saybrook Fish house  CANTON – Feng, Joe Pizza, La Trattoria,  COLLINSVILLE – Crown & Hammer, AVON – First & Last Tavern, NEWINGTON – Ruth Chris  TORRINGTON – Marino’s and more!



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Plus save with over 290 pages of coupons to local and national chain restaurants and entertainment including museums, mini golf, bowling, ice skating, trampoline parks, auto services, car washes, dry cleaners throughout the Greater Hartford area.   Using just a few coupons pays for the price of the book.

Simply send an envelope to the SP main office with your payment of $25 per book.  Mark the envelope TASTE BOOK (include your name please).  Orders will be filled within 24 hours.  Thank you for supporting Class of 2018 All Night Grad Party.   Questions, please contact Kristen Aldieri 860-462-7245Kristen@reneytours.com

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Class 2017 Commencement Address

Class of 2017 Commencement welcome made by Mr. Cary Dupont ’72, President of St. Paul Catholic High School

On behalf of the class of two thousand seventeen, the school board, administration, faculty and staff, we welcome you to this magnificent Cathedral of St. Joseph, the mother church of the Archdiocese of Hartford. In the presence of God, we are privileged to celebrate the 48th Commencement Exercises for St. Paul Catholic High School.

This is a very special graduation.  During the 2016-2017 academic year, we have been celebrating the 50th Anniversary of St. Paul Catholic High School.  It all began on the morning of September 7, 1966 when our founding principal, Rev. Edmund O’Brien and his small pioneer faculty consisting of seven Sisters of St. Joseph of Chambery, three Religious Teachers Filippini and three lay teachers welcomed 160 hesitant but excited freshmen onto our campus for the very first time.  They would go on to become the first graduating class of St. Paul Catholic High School on June 12, 1970, here at the Cathedral of St. Joseph.

Like many institutions, we have experienced our share of peaks and valleys but our resiliency along this momentous journey is a living testament to the unique and determined spirit of those who call St. Paul Catholic High School home.

And that is clearly evident throughout this cathedral tonight as collectively we represent the spiritual leadership and guidance of the archdiocese, the parents and grandparents who for generations, now, have made the human and financial sacrifices necessary to send their sons and daughters to St. Paul; the faculty, staff and coaches who have dedicated themselves to serve these sons and daughters, as if they were our own, because they are; and the ultimate beneficiaries, our graduates, the 7,000 alumni who today are soaring from coast to coast across this country making a difference in all disciplines in this world.

Our anniversary motto “Honoring Our Past, Shaping Our Future” reflects the transformative power that belief has, the remarkable energy of collective teamwork, the sacrifice and committed passion in preserving Catholic secondary education in the greater Bristol region.  I’m pleased to say tonight, fifty years later, our tradition continues … gratefully and proudly never stronger.

On behalf of our St. Paul community, I wish to publicly thank Archbishop Blair and the Archdiocese of Hartford for their continued spiritual and financial support of our school.

This evening, I am honored to welcome a man who has had a profound impact on the life of St. Paul.  Archbishop Emeritus Henry J. Mansell’s support and unwavering confidence in St. Paul while he was the Archdiocese of Hartford’s chief shepherd is well documented and is an acknowledged factor in us reaching this milestone in our history.  His shared vision for the inherent greatness of our school is truly valued and humbly appreciated by all.  Archbishop Mansell celebrated our 50th Anniversary Opening Mass at St. Gregory the Great Church last September and appropriately is presiding over our commencement exercises tonight.  Join me in welcoming, Archbishop Mansell.

We remain grateful to Sr. Mary Grace Walsh, Provost and Dr. Michael Griffin, Superintendent of Catholic Schools and all at the Office of Education, Evangelization and Catechesis for their professional guidance and partnership.  Dr. Griffin, welcome to your first St. Paul graduation.

I’d like to acknowledge our co-chaplains, Fr. Gary Simeone, who also serves on the St. Paul School Board, Fr. Hector Rangel and welcome home seminarian, Matthew Collins ‘12.

I wish to acknowledge members of the St. Paul school board, including current chair, Thomas Kulig ‘85, whose son Evan is graduating tonight and incoming chair Dr. James Aseltine, for your dedication and expertise in helping set the strategic and transformational course we are on.

Finally, let me thank Mrs. Norma Kendrick, senior class advisor, Dr. Ezequiel Menendez, Director of Music, Archdiocese of Hartford, Mr. Junko and our select chorus and instrumentalist and members of the Knights of Columbus who are serving as tonight’s color guard.

Once again, I extend a warm welcome to all.

PRESIDENT’S ADDRESS to the Class of 2017

Mr. Cooper, dean of academic life, Mr. Wallace, dean of student life, Fr. Gary and Fr. Hector, other members of my administrative team, distinguished faculty and staff, thank you for your tireless efforts to deliver on our promise to be a truly great Catholic high school.  Your caring servant ministry … our “why” … is a passion of faith, mercy, and love, and I speak for many here this evening when I say, it does not go unnoticed … thank you!

I’d like to take a moment to personally acknowledge faculty members who will be leaving St. Paul at the end of this school year.

After twenty-two years at St. Paul, sending her three children through our school and most recently teaching in our religion department, Mrs. Forsa will be joining her husband in retirement.  It’s well deserved.

Mrs. Misiti will be leaving our math department after six years to return full-time to the private sector as a mechanical engineer.  Her daughter, Michelle, graduated last year from St. Paul.

Mrs. Janecko has recently accepted the position of Director of Religious Education & Youth Ministry at her parish, St. Peter Claver in West Hartford and Mr. Campbell has recently accepted a teaching position at Northridge School in Mexico City.  We thank and wish them all well.

To the Class of two thousand seventeen: congratulations!   All of us assembled here this evening are very proud of you, inspired by the growth witnessed during your high school journey.

According to Mrs. Kromidas, you are the last graduating class to be born in the twentieth century – for the most part in 1999.  How does that make you feel … older than you probably thought?  After living through the highly publicized Y2K problem and anticipated millennium bug, the rest of us were all just happy to still be alive back then.  Talk about fake news!

I have to say, Ben and Jordan, your reflective remarks were very thoughtful, impressive and heartwarming.  Let me take a few moments to share a few of my own personal thoughts, at times, tying together your insightful themes.

In preparing my remarks for this evening, I asked the faculty to share some words describing your class.  Here’s what they said: fantastic and awesome; works together well; transforming, willing and resourceful; passionate, empathetic, kind-hearted; spirited; builders and motivated leaders by re-establishing boys wrestling, and initiating girls lacrosse and golf programs; a fun-loving group that sought adventure; a group for which there has been much growth; great sense of humor, fearless, enthusiastic, confident; good conversationalist, persuasive when defending their ideas in making worldly connections; talented; boisterous, compassionate, eccentric; smart, energetic, kind and engaging, who want from life all that it has to offer; focused, technology savvy as no class before them has been; put a smile on my face; special ability to laugh with each other, they enjoy each other’s company; entrepreneurial spirit as they are innovative in their use of social media and technology to reflect their learning; driven; strong yet quiet leadership; individual achievement; concerned about each other as a class, social; innovative, ready to solve new problems in the world; they believe in a better world for tomorrow which is uplifting and reassuring.

Your defining moments over the last four years, from your success in the classroom, in the athletic arena, on the performing arts stage, and service initiatives is impressive. You have been accepted to over 125 colleges and universities across this country.  You were acknowledged by the CIAC with the Michael’s Achievement Cup for one of the most outstanding high school athletic programs in the state.  You experienced more than your share of the thrill of victory and occasionally the agony of defeat.  You won several individual nominations and were voted twice by the CT High School Musical Theatre Awards as the best high school musical in the state.

Weekly, you tutored youth at Cambridge Park, a nearby low income housing neighborhood, volunteered at your former elementary schools in conjunction with your senior service initiative and annually danced with your BARC friends. You marched in impressive numbers in Washington, DC to show your respect for life.  You donated thousands of canned goods and holiday toys for local families in need.  You contributed, with many others during your high school years, over fifty-thousand dollars, in support of our Haiti initiative providing hot lunches for the poorest of the poor at St. Pierre School in Jeremie, Haiti. And this only begins to scratch the surface of your time here.

In this cathedral tonight, we are graduating archdiocesan summa scholars, AP scholars, national honor society members, Hoby recipients, art:science winners, “Spirit of Broadway” awardees, scholastic art winners, a Mr. SPCHS, scholar-athletes, all-league and all-state recipients, Youth of the Year and Hall of Fame honorees, the NVL Female Athlete of the Year, league and CT state champions, with the possibility of maybe one more … good luck to our girls softball team tomorrow, just to name a few.

Tonight, we celebrate each of you, fully understanding that your journey did not come easy or without sacrifices and, in some cases, maybe not the way you planned.  However, the path that has led you to this point was not meant to be simple or easy, but instead it was meant to be enlightening.

While the effort and accomplishments are ultimately yours, they were not achieved alone, that’s why your family, friends, teachers and coaches … why we are all here this evening to share in your celebration.

For the decision to send you to St. Paul, for the early mornings and late nights, for the selfless sacrifices they have made, for the rides, for the laundry, for the unconditional love and encouragement they have given you, for the times that you may have taken them for granted, I ask you to please stand, turn to your parents, families and to everyone assembled here this evening and join me in thanking them for this moment.

I truly believe each of you is in a different place than when you first arrived, with a better understanding of the road ahead.  Trust that our five core values, as Ben and Jordan alluded to, have inherently become the living fabric of whom you are and will continue to be your personal roadmap as you venture forward.  For our journey together the last several years wasn’t just to prepare you for tonight but, more importantly, to prepare you for the rest of your life.

In reflecting on Ben’s remarks, I ask each of you are you content to simply look after your own interests or do you feel a sense of obligation to each other … to the human community in which you live?  I hope that you understand that while knowledge enhances the quality of one’s life, that the true purpose and fulfilling meaning of our lives rests in serving mankind.  We are called by God as educated people to transform others by our example.

This is what makes a St. Paul Catholic High School education different, what hopefully makes you different.  That is why you graduate from St. Paul with both a diploma and a servant towel … a reminder that the road you take is found not only in your mind, but in your hearts and in your soul.  That your thirst for knowledge be seen as a mission of service, and that you leave this cathedral tonight with a conviction of being a source of good and a living instrument for peace and justice in your own life and in this world.

I leave you with one final thought … one last Monday assembly reflection.

Make your bed every morning.  I see some of you looking at each other and saying, what did he just say?  Make your bed every morning.  When you go to college, make your bed every morning.  Actually, I’m seeing if you’re still with me.  So here we go.

St. Paul wasn’t created to be ordinary … nor were any of you.  St. Paul was created to be great … and so were each of you, created in the image and likeness of God.  But God also gave you a free will.  Ultimately, the choices that you make will determine whether God continues to recognize you as the person He created.  Like our school’s journey, believe in yourself, during both good and especially challenging times … know you are capable of more than you think … live your life with gratitude following your heartfelt purpose and passion, or as Jordan said, you’re why … and when you have a choice, take a chance, comforted in knowing anything is possible with God at your side, settling for nothing less than the unlimited potential for greatness that characterizes each of you.  Simply, in your own distinct way, allow Christ to be the light of the world shining through you.

Well done thy good and faithful servants … the time has now come for you to leave the comfort of the nest, to spread your Falcon wings and soar … following the exciting and diverse plans that lay in front of you.  May God grant you the courage, wisdom and mercy to continue to grow more fully in his humanity and as Tim read earlier, may He bless you with an abundance of the greatest gifts that life has to offer – faith, hope and love.

Leave tonight remembering, while over time, you may grow in ninety-eight different directions like branches on a tree … your roots remain as one.

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10th Annual Alumni Golf Tournament

Alumni, Parents and Friends of St. Paul join us as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary year at our:
10th Annual Memorial Golf Tournament in memory of Sharon Mielcarz held this year at the beautiful Chippanee Country Club in Bristol.
Thursday, June 22, 2017 at 10:30am
Save the date for a challenging but fun day
out on the course!
Golf, Lunch, Dinner, & Prizes galore.

Raffles, silent auction, hole in one contest, and so much more! We hope you’ll join us!

Contact Shelley Mendoza for more information at smendoza@spchs.com golfinvite201741817whitebackground3

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Silent Auction Items

Silent Auction Items to bid on at our Forever Falcons a 50 Year Celebration Auction!
Be Photographed by World Renowned Bradford in either his New York or Palm Beach location.  Package includes a “20 inch wall portrait on canvas with lavish artistry plus a one night stay at either the luxurious Ritz Carlton Westchester or the 5 Diamond, 5 Star Eau Resort in Palm Beach, (formerly the Ritz Carlton Palm Beach.)
2 weekend tickets to IMSA Weathertech Sports car Northeast Gran Prix XContinental Tire Sports car Challenge at Lime Rock Park in Lakeville, CT July 21st and 22nd, 2017. Must redeem voucher for tickets at least 2 weeks prior to event.
2 tickets to see “Fun Home”, a ground breaking, up lifting and exquisite new musical that won 5 Tony Awards, including best musical in 2015. “A refreshingly honest musical about seeing your parents through grown up eyes” (The New York Times) at the Bushnell, Wednesday 6/21/17 at 7:30 pm. Seats: Orchestra (pit) Row CC Seats 201 and 202
Two mezzanine tickets to the 2017-2018 Palace Theater presentation of Jersey Boys at the Palace Theater in Waterbury, CT
4 admissions to any 2017 production at the Landmark Community Theatre and cannot be combined with any other offer
2 courtside box seats to the Connecticut Open in New Haven for 1 session August 20th through Aug. 24th Must complete and return certificate to redeem Ct. Open Tennis Tournament Tickets
2 tickets to any show in the 2017-2018 Season at the Shubert Theater in New Haven, a $100 gift card to the Union League Restaurant, plus access to Hospitality Suite before the show and free parking
Basket filled with items from Fascia’s along with 4 tours for Fascia’s Chocolate
(2) 30 minute private dance lessons at Arthur Murray Studios in New Britain near West Farms Mall
2 Night Motor Coach trip to Atlantic City for 2
Art Rich portrait session for up to 8 people and an 11 X 14 traditional. Expires 5/18
Twelve inch Regency portrait from your favorite image, retouched and enhanced by our artists, then printed on canvas, lacquer glazed and beautifully packaged for giving. Or apply toward a larger size. Does not include framing.
1 pass for High-Speed Martha’s Vineyard and Hyannis Ferry. Pass is good for 2 person round trip during 2017 operating season
11″ X 14″ wall portrait of your children, on canvas with artist enhancement to be created at the Kramer Connecticut studio in the Hyatt Regency Greenwich. A maximum of 8 children between the ages of 3 and 17 years can be included in the portrait, which is unframed. Gift certificate is non-transferable and it expires 3 months from date of event. For silent or live auction only, cannot be bundled or paired; not valid in raffles, chance or gift auctions.
Margarita Basket with Tequila, Margarita Mix Bucket, glasses, chips and salsa, etc
Enjoy this Martini Themed basket with Two Orca Martini cups with lids (Comparable to Yeti), Grey Goose Vodka, Vermouth, Dirty Martini Mix, Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives, Martini pics, Cocktail napkins, Stuffed emoji and “This is My Happy Place “sign
4 any one day tickets to The Traveler’s Championship June 19-25th at the TPC River Highlands in Cromwell
Voucher for 4 tickets to a Main Stage Musical at the Warner Theatre in Torrington, CT
(2) Guest admission passes to The Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA in the heart of the Berkshires and a Gift certificate valued at $210. to the Red Lion Inn.
One-hour portrait planning consultation, one hour portrait session at any regularly scheduled location (usually the most scenic and pictorial in the area), and one hour design and decor session.
2 complimentary 8 hour flex tickets to Mount Southington Ski Area in Southington, CT
2 complimentary passes for a Duck Boat Tour in Boston, MA. Valid off Peak in the months of April, Sept. Oct. or Nov.
10 complimentary Swan Boat rides at Swan Boats of Boston
(4) tickets to Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees at Fenway Park in Boston, MA, Sunday July 16th at 8:15 p.m.
(1) Annual Family Membership to the USS Constitution Museum in Boston, MA. Valid for one year from date of membership formed returned.
$25 gift certificate to programs at Caritas Christi Center in Hamden, CT
Pass to Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo. The pass allows up to 4 people free front gate admission to the Zoo for one day.
Gift certificate for 2 tickets to any performance during the subscription season at Theaterworks in Hartford, CT. Must call to reserve seats in advance.
$315 gift card to a themed retreat at Holy Family Passionate Retreat Center with CD, Bag of coffee and mug
Gift card for a 1 hour massage at Physical Therapy and Massage of CT.
Sleek Silver Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses with case and cleaning accessories
1 year membership, gym bag, t-shirt, locker lock, water bottle to Planet Fitness in Bristol, CT. Bristol Location only
Gift certificate for 5 tanning sessions at Always Tan in Wolcott, CT
Beautiful Brown Leather zip tote Coach Handbag
Navy Blue “Riverbed Bracelet” handmade in Ecuador
Matching necklace, bracelet and earring set in sterling silver and stones. Gray silver, charcoal coloring.
Custom made St. Paul Class Ring for your special student!
Sweet butterfly necklace for your favorite girl in delicate 14k gold
Pandora floating locket with Sapphire Crystal Glass
Siam and purple velvet crystals in an oxidized brass setting
Ladies Timex Watch with a red leather band
Gift certificate for 1 month unlimited barre classes, yoga classes and red light collagen (joint pain, wrinkles, bad acne, meditation).  Includes a week for a friend, t-shirt and water bottle
gift certificate for 1 spray tan at Body & Sol Tanning in Wolcott, CT
Gift certificate for wash, cut and blow dry with bottle of shampoo from New England Salon Company in Wolcott, CT. Coupons for Grace Nails in Wolcott.
Basket full of Bath and Body Works treats sure to keep you feeling pampered and relaxed! Soaps, lotions, bath bombs and so much more.
Avon Products, beauty and home items, lotion, mug, cookware, kitchen items and beauty care
Afghan made by Flying Fingers @ Plainville Library in honor of Kelsey Matthews ’19, plus a basket filled with all you need for a cozy night in.
Bag full of goodies from Little League Baseball East Region. Shirts, Sweatshirts, Jacket and multiple items celebrating Little League Baseball and Softball
Perfect for cold game days or nights. This tote bag is filled with 2 stadium blankets, a rugged thermos, 2 stadium seats, binoculars and more!
Everything you need to enjoy a baseball game. Includes: Folding chair with canopy, Waterproof folding blanket Handlebar cooler with wheels that is filled with an Orca travel cup  (Comparable to Yeti), Battery operated fan and spritzer, 4 packages of sunflower seeds (Ranch, Bacon, Original, Hot and Spicy), Bubble gum, Sunscreen, Insect repellent, Stuffed emoji with sunglasses
Steven J. Suzio Golf Tournament Gear includes a golf first-aid kit, ladies golf shirt, men’s golf shirt, 2 golf pullovers and a copper commemorative cup
Size Large “Uconn Nation” White T-shirt!
Gift Certificate for Quinoco goods or services
Free Grooming valued up to $75 at Camp Canine in Bristol, CT plus cute dog bowl, toy, treats and bags.
Get ready for some fun with this Flamingo themed basket that will get you ready for summer entertaining on the deck, at the beach, pool or summer cottage!  All pink and all Flamingos, you’ll find outdoor melamine plates, bowls, & glasses, String lights, jumbo playing cards, pitcher and more!
Have your neighbors “green” with envy with this Fall Fertilizer Program. Includes: 5 Fertilizer Applications, 1 Lime Application and 1 Grub Prevention
Basket full of kitchen stuff sure to make a cook out of anyone!
Get your lawn in tip top shape this Fall with a lawn renovation program for up to 12,000 square feet of lawn. Includes drill seeing and core aeration.
Notebook computer with everything you need, AMD Quad-core, Window 10 Pro, 500 gb HD Radeon R2 Video Card. HP-255 GB
Oral B Pro 5000 smart series electric toothbrush donated by St. Paul Parent Dr. Sebastian Milardo
11″ X 14″ wall portrait on canvas with artist enhancement to be created at the Kramer Connecticut studio in the Hyatt Regency Greenwich. A maximum of 8 people can be included in the portrait, which is unframed. Gift certificate is non-transferable and it expires 3 months from date of event. For silent of live auction only, cannot be bundled or paired; not valid in raffles, chance or gift auctions.
A limited edition twelve-inch fine art print selected from a wide variety of images. Or, apply the full value of your certificate to a larger print, canvas gallery wrap, or wall grouping from over 1,000 available. Image categories include landscapes, seacoast, still lives, architecture, flowers, city scenes, and found objects.
Basket of baking mixes, spice rubs, garlic press, apron and crocheted items. All handmade and  donated by the St. Paul Food Club and St. Paul Sewing Club.
Stanley toolbox filled with all the stools you’ll need to repair and fix anything! Screw drivers, tape measures, hammers, flashlight and so much more.
Summer Dining outside is the best! You’ll be all set with outdoor table cloth, 4 plates and bowls, candle holder and 4 outdoor wine glasses
Handmade wicker cross wreath
Handmade spring wreath by the Sisters of the Good Shepherd in Wolcott
A copy of the 2016-2017 school yearbook with a panoramic photo
2 hours of cleaning from Molly Maid of Farmington and Greater Hartford with basket full of supplies
Basket full of cleaning supplies to help you keep your house spic and span!
Lighted “Christmas Present” glass cube with Handmade Christmas bow.
Cooler full of games, toys and gear for a summer full of backyard fun! Includes camp chairs and all you need to make S’Mores for a fun night outside! Plus 1 case of the best old fashion soda from Avery’s Beverage in New Britain, CT.
Four different varietals from Venge, one of Napa’s premier vineyards. The grouping includes a 2010 Silencieux Cabernet Sauvignon, a 2012 Stagecoach Syrah, a 2012 Bacigalupi Pinot Noi, and a 2013 Maldonado Chardonnay. All of these wines have received at least a 92 rating by Wine Enhusiast or Wine Spectator.
2015 Daytona 500 Winner, Nascar Racer, Joey Logano Autographed Wine and  picture.
Bottle of 1987 Beringer Private Reserves Napa Valley Cabernet
Bottle of Elvis Presley Blue Christmas 2002 Napa Valley Cabernet
2014 Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Artemis Cabernet-Napa Valley
2012 Ridge Lytton Springs Zinfandel Blane – Sonoma Valley
2014 Rombauer Vineyards Chardonnay – Napa Valley
Grey Goose Bottle “lamp” with bow.  Brighten up your home with this creative and fun, whimsical lamp!

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